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lonelyboy posted Jul 20 '21 at 3:08 am

Easy and Legit Airdrop from a real team with a real project!

OzComCoin is an Australian crypto project that has recently moved into phase 2 of their pre-launch. As part of this they will be ramping up their marketing, giveaways and airdrops.

What is it? OCC is a fast low fee tipping crypto built to be easy to use and integrated into your everyday life. Have you ever received great advice and wanted to reward the person giving you that advice? You will be able to do this from within your existing social media accounts- with no need to enter in different passwords- just use the OCC DApp

'OCC can be used within our DApp, which not only acts as a wallet but is integrative with your social media platforms – you will be able to continue using the same log-ins without having to remember additional passwords or create new accounts.'

With the integration of these platforms in our lives- a low fee payment or tipping system is a huge market, which is still looking for its dominant player. I am a mad sports fan, and avid fantasy football player. I would love to be able to tip other players that steer me towards good trades, or share great tactics for the season. My wife would probably like to tip the Tik Tkers that taught me to dance- kind of!

'OzComCoin is a TRC10 token which allows fast, cost effective transactions, with over 2000 transactions a second. Being integrated with our wallet and DApp. OCC will seamlessly link across many platforms and in many multiple ways.'

The OCC Airdrop is for 1000 tokens with 500 for each referral- so get sharing and stack those OCC before hey hit the market! Its as simple as following a few of the social media platforms.

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promad posted Jul 19 '21 at 11:08 pm

The best place to stake your coins is Cmining, we provide great amount interest. You can also add your own coin for staking pool.
The coins which get introduced in our staking pool get huge pumps, our most recent add got pumped 2000% overnight.
So, don't waste time and join now -

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